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Nocturnals and Rodents



Nocturnals and Rodents

Barn OwlsBrush Tailed PorcupinesFishing OwlsFlying Foxes
Fruit BatsGreat Horned OwlsGuinea PigsHedge Hogs
Indian Giant SquirrelIndian PorcupineLarge Indian CivetsLeopard Cats
Mottled Wood OwlsPalm CivetsRabbitsRatels
Slender LorisesSlow LorisesSmall Indian Civets

Owls, © D. Payne
Afraid of the dark? You need not worry as our warm and furry nocturnal animals will give you company while you walk down our dimly lit mazes. By artificially simulating night time during the day, we trick the nocturnal animals into staying active and busy while you're visiting. Flying foxes, also known as the fruit bats, are the largest bats in the world and are the main attraction of the nocturnal exhibit. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind. In fact, the smell and eyesight of the flying foxes are highly developed.

Let's see if you can spot the large eyes of the adorable but highly endangered slender and slow lorises gazing at you as they cling onto the tree trunks. Other small critters at our nocturnal residence include the civets, leopard cats, and hedgehogs. What nocturnal exhibit can be complete without the mysterious owl? The owl or "ullu" has fascinated humans since the beginning of time and has been associated by various cultures with wisdom, bad omens, and even dopiness. Here, you will be able to see the barn, mottled wood, fishing, and the great horned owls.

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